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Animation World Network - A great site for all animators
Animation Foundation
CG Channel - News, interviews and animation sightings. A good site.
3D Links - Free 3D Objects, Information, Plug-Ins, Free 3D Meshes, Modeling and Rendering Resource 3D Art, Tutorials, Job News, NURBS Models.
3D World - UK 3D garphics magazine web site
CG Focus - Focus on computer graphics
Digital Animators - Has features and resources
3D-worXX - The home of 3D

The Art of Stop Motion Animation
Tips & Tricks - 3D modelling & animation help tutorials

Visual Magic Magazine
VFXPro - The Daily Visual Effects Resource
Big-i - Your eye on the Digital Art Industry
NOVA Online - Special Effects Anything Can Happen
The Blue Screen Page
The Blue Screen - Chroma Key Page
Bluescreen According to Bob Kertesz
Rosco Laboratories Ltd - They make the special blue & green chroma paint.
Ultimatte website - Compositing software for a variety of platforms

Cyber Film School Filmmaking Website
CinematographyWorld - The Daily Cinematography Resource
PostIndustry - The Daily PostIndustry Resource
BFI - British Film Institute
In Hollywood - The Website for Working Hollywood.
Screenwriters On Line
CinemaS p a c e - Has film resources and articles
Digital Puppet Magazine (tm) - About making low-cost animated motion pictures - Digital video site

FLAY - An excellent site devoted to Lightwave
Lightwave Tutorials on the Web
Menithings, Computer Animation - Includes Lightwave tutorials
Lightwave [6] Tutorials - By Newtek the creators of Lightwave