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My tutorials are thin on the ground at the moment, but when I have time to update this
section of the site probably October/November time, expect some useful tutorials.

These will include tutorials on boneing and setting IK chains for a figure. Plus tips and

advice on constructing a human figure and creatures based on my own trial and error.


Do you have problems animating your character with Lightwave 5.6 bones? Of course you do.
I have found a way which works for me without having to buy Puppet Master or something
similar. I'm sure these plugins give you total extra control, but not if you lack the

Build your character in Modeller as you do to the scale you wish it to be. Lie it on
its back to avoid gimble problems in Layout and size it by 500%, or more if you wish.
If you are working on a small fairy or insect then increase the size by a larger %.

Load your character in Layout and bone it as normal. When you test your bones, you
should notice that it influences the deformation of the areas more precisely, behaving
more how you would expect, deforming much less the parts you don't want influenced by
that particular bone.

Go to frame 1 and size the object down by the amount you had sized in Modeller. If
you sized up by 500% then you would size it down by entering 0.2 in the size axis.
Set the keyframe and you should be able to animate the bones more how you want to.

Try it and tell me if you have success.